** IMPORTANT NOTICE - Orders are closed until the beginning of April 2024 **

The Kalaurie Womenswear Atelier

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Dear friends,

I am delighted to announce the opening of the Kalaurie atelier.

Since the launch of Kalaurie, I’ve dreamt of building a tactile home for my creations, a hive from which I can share my collections with others—a special place to bridge the gaps between myself as designer, my garments, and you the wearer.

The Fitzroy North atelier is not only a magical place of creation but also a curated showroom, where you are invited on a by appointment basis to view collection samples and fabrics in real life. During your appointment, you may also purchase ready-to-wear offerings and receive complimentary fit consultations, if desired.

You can now book an appointment at the Kalaurie atelier for 1st of November onwards.

To book your appointment, contact me here or email contact@kalaurie.com.au

Love letters or questions are also welcome at the same destination.

I look forward to meeting you at my atelier.


Kalaurie Muse

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