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Ménagère (Cutlery Set), 1957. Image via Somethingcurated.com

Salvador Dalí

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Continuing on from last week's thought on things which are useful & beautiful.

"Dalí’s mesmerising Ménagère cutlery set features six pieces comprising two forks, two knives and two enamelled spoons. Among the items is a silver-gilt knife with four rock crystal pendant tears, entitled Couteau escargot aux larmes (Snail knife with tears), as well as Fourchette-éléphant 3 dents (Elephant fork with three teeth), finished with two glistening ruby eyes."

Excerpt from '5 Magnificent Pieces of Salvador Dalí Designed Homewares', words by Keshav Anand for Something Curated.

Of course, a subjective matter of taste.

" art should fill all aspects of life " - Salvador Dalí


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