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Introducing… Sick Sad World

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A story of life as we know it…

Voyeurs of the digital era, we consume too much, work too much, share too much.

We rest, laugh, care and think too little. We love less and hate more.

Divided and discontent, we have become the disposable little flowers of mother earth.

In a world where we are increasingly disconnected from reality, starved of faith, tradition and trust, we are blind to see how damaged we are and the damage we have done to our mother nature.

The future is bleak unless we grow together.

Photography by Vlad Savin

Beauty by Xeneb Allen

Muse: Ellen Cosgrove @ Chadwick Models

Styling & creative direction by Kalaurie Karl-Crooks

Photography assistance by Marcie Raw

Styling assistance by Daniel Cornish

Location: The Establishment Fitzroy

Kalaurie Muse

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