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Get Back To Yourself, They Say

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As I flicked through a magazine earlier today on my daily hunt for inspiration, I stumbled across this short piece which I found myself unconsciously re-reading several times, as if it was a haunting premonition replaying in my minds eye.
It read as follows:

You used to have interesting ideas
Now you just stare at the internet.
You used to contribute to the dialogue,
Now you just recommend podcasts.

Get back to yourself, they say. But where did you leave yourself?
All you know is that one day you woke up with tight shoulders, a clenched jaw.
They have remained your bedfellows ever since.

Your mind used to be sharp, a cut glass, a fortunate edge.
Now it is a littered graveyard of open tabs.
Algorithms designed to numb,
Whatever is takes to not feel.

Feet in the sand, they say. Follow the tide.
In and out, ebb and flow. Substitute one drug for another.
Move. Sweat. Lie down in the shallows.

I have cheapened my life ( you think).
I have lost my right to privacy ( you post, publicly ).
All dreams exist in screens.
I have to get back to myself ( you say ).

Get back to yourself, they say' by Victoria Pearson for Jane Magazine, issue 9, The Blue Nights.


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