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Saskia Wijewaedene photographed by Vlad Savin. Image courtesy of photographer.

A love letter to mindful consumption

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TODAY IS BLACK FRIDAY. WE ARE NOT ON SALE and we haven't been for the last 4 years...

As part of our foundational commitment to a mindful way of consuming fashion, Kalaurie does not partake in seasonal sales.
For those of you who have been following the brand since the beginning, you'll be well versed in our approach.

For our new friends, these are a few reasons why.

- We believe in buying less, choosing well & investing in businesses who champion longevity, quality design and with sustainable & ethical practices at the heart.

- When you buy one of our pieces, you are supporting a small local fashion house, grounded in a philosophy encouraging considered choices & discouraging impulse buying.

- As part of our made-to-order business model, only what is needed is produced, which ensures we do not have excess stock needing to be cleared at a discounted price. Each piece is designed & meticulously carefully crafted to be treasured for a lifetime, not just one season.

- We care deeply about the afterlife of our garments and want you to have a long term love affair with your clothing. To nurture this, we offer a repair service for your post purchase needs.

- Finally, to honour the hardworking people in the fashion industry who make clothing and to understand the value of their unique skills & craftsmanship.

Thank you for your support.


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