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Womenswear by Kalaurie Karl-Crooks
ethically & sustainably handcrafted to order in Melbourne, Australia

The story

Since 2017 Kalaurie has been creating modern heirlooms designed and crafted to be treasured for a lifetime.

Drawing inspiration from storytelling, Kalaurie presents annual limited edition capsule collections, with quality, timelessness, craftsmanship and environmental consciousness holding equal priority.

Kalaurie has been featured on the pages of Vogue Australia, Marie Claire Australia, Peppermint Magazine, Frankie Magazine and worn by bewitching NZ songstress Aldous Harding and Vogue Australia's former Sustainability Editor Clare Press.

By appointment

The Kalaurie Womenswear Atelier is available to visit by appointment only.

We invite you to our atelier to view collection samples, fabrics from our archive & recieve a complimentary fit consultation.
To schedule an appointment please get in contact or send a email to contact@kalaurie.com.au

Atelier - 1/114 Bent Street, Northcote, Victoria, 3070, Australia.


Garments are mindfully handcrafted to order in house from our Melbourne atelier. This also includes cutting, pattern making and grading.

Kalaurie works on a made-to-order manufacturing model, meaning once an order is placed it is then carefully cut, assembled and packed especially for you. This is a more responsible way of manufacturing garments as only what is needed is produced- reducing garment waste whilst helping us to be more resourceful with materials.

Production time is currently between 4-6 weeks. This is subject to change depending on how many orders we have and the complexity of the design.

To confirm production time, please email contact@kalaurie.com.au


Kalaurie believes clothing should last a lifetime and it's important to us that you create a long-term love affair with your clothing, which transcends trend and season. From design to finish, quality and timelessness is considered to create a long lasting functional garment.

When you invest in one of Kalaurie's pieces, you are collecting something, which is well-made, thoughtful and ethical.

To ensure your beloved Kalaurie piece lasts a lifetime, we offer repairs and an alteration service. Learn about our repair services visit here.


As part of our commitment to sustainability, collections feature premium dead-stock/surplus fabrics and trims whenever possible. These fabrics and trims are no longer desirable to other brands and factories for a number of reasons including overstocking, no longer "in-season", unwanted colour or relevant to future collections. By using these materials on our collections we are saving them from landfill or destruction.

Reducing waste is a core value at Kalaurie and we are passionate about repurposing something considered undesirable and giving it a new beauty and meaningful life.

When sourcing we have a passionate focus on fabrics which are made from renewable resources and that are biodegradable. This includes wool, cotton, linen, silk, and man-made cellulose fibres such as viscose, rayon, cupro and tencel.

Currently all our shirting is made entirely from dead-stock fabrications including the buttons and interfusings.

Where dead-stock buttons are not available, we use corozo nut or shell buttons. Corozo nut is the natural seed from the palm trees. Corozo & shell are renewable, biodegradable and a environmentally friendly alternative to plastic buttons.

Your orders arrive in recycled cardboard boxes beautifully wrapped in recycled tissue with dead-stock ribbon and include postcards made from post-consumer recycled paper.

A new way

Kalaurie does not work on a traditional retail or wholesaling model. This allows the freedom of not adhering to traditional seasonal collection schedules and the ability to offer our pieces directly to you without excessive mark-ups.

Instead we present a series of trans-seasonal capsule collections, which never go on sale. You can be assured that once you’ve invested in one of our pieces, it won’t be on sale in the following months. Trends are abandoned and designs run year after year until the fabric runs out. This is to encourage a new kind of responsible consumption of fashion and not to devalue the craftsmanship gone into the creation of each piece.

Supporting Australians

We believe in supporting our local industry to help it thrive. All labels, swing tags, boxes, postcards and other promotion materials are manufactured within Australia. All fabric and trim sourcing is through local merchants or directly through other local businesses.

We work closely with a local Gerber pattern-maker to help draft a portion of our styles each collection.

Kalaurie Muse

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